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Need help buying a drone please.


Junior Member
You guys crack me up and always look like you have fun! I want to buy a drone and I have 3 In mind. Walkera qr x350, Airfield X350 (Because the radio can be used with there planes) and Aerosky x350. I need help on which one to buy. Maybe you can suggest something different. No Phantom wife won't let me spend that kind of money.


Wake up! Time to fly!
First and foremost.. what experience do you have with RC and or flying. THAT should determine where to start. People with little or no experience getting the biggest or fastest toys and not knowing how to properly use them is the biggest problem this hobby has right now.

Let us know what you know and most can make valid recommendations from there. Trust me it will save you a lot of frustration time and money vs diving in feet first if you have no experience.