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I need some help getting into RC flying, I have a love for most things in the sky but I’m lacking the knowledge and the funds to get into the hobby. I have zero flying experience and I’m looking for some help. I want to build something that will look good in the air but can also function like a trainer for the time being. Maybe something multi-motored too? Some of my favorite planes are bombers. Suggestions on a design to build? Maybe something from Flitetest? I’d love to support them.


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It is widely agreed that the best first plane is the tiny trainer as it allows so much versatility in choosing a glider or powered, and 3 or 4 channel plane. That is what I started on. It looks pretty good, and you can always paint it. I would say to not try a twin motor first because it is just more cost and another point of failure to go wrong.


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I started with a Tiny Trainer too (actually two of them) but I would actually recommend the Mini Scout for someone who's brand new to RC planes. It is easier to build (only requires one sheet of foam, and doesn't require a folded wing) and IMO is also easier to fly. Plus it looks like a real plane (it's modeled after a WWI fighter)!


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Im starting with the legacy and it works great as a 2 channel trainer then later you can add alerons and make it a 3 or 4 channel plane.
I highly sugest it.


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I'm with Dante and Kendalf. More Dante. In my opinion, the FT Tiny Trainer is THE first plane to build and fly. It is very forgiving in both respects. I called my TT a "frankenstrosity" because I screwed up the build so many times. It still flies so amazingly, and is upgradeable in so many ways that I started a Challenge just to see what we can do with it.

I'm agreeing with Kendalf, simply because I've read very often, and seen video, of what a great slow-flyer the FT Mini Scout is. That's good for a beginner. There's not a lot of time to figure out how fix an "oops" when you're flying. Significantly less time if your flying quickly. Don't feel like you're wussing out by flying slow. With RC aircraft, that term is definitely relative! Slow just means the plane is not doing a scale Mach 1.

It's been pointed out to me on a couple occasions that the Mini Scout is very particular about build quality, though. You've got to get it right.

I vote Tiny Trainer. You just really can't go wrong with it. As for the funds to get into the hobby? You're on your own with that one. ;)


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Good plane choices. For your first build help yourself by buying the speedbuild kit. The small extras like control rods, firewall etc and the fact it’s perfectly cut already will help you get flying.
My only caution about the mini scout is that it’s only 3 channel, where the TT can be a 2ch glider, a three channel powered trainer and a four channel trainer.
The electronics side is fairly easy, you can buy cheap 5-9g servos and a servo tester to get building, then add the rest after the main build is done, since the receiver, motor and battery all go in through the front. You then don’t need the transmitter or receiver to get the build done, they are expensive and waiting to buy a better transmitter (you don’t need a $300 set up to get going) will pay dividends later. Waiting before buying also gives you time to research what you like and which TX to buy, which is a complex subject.
The tester allows you to centre the servos before you put them in the fuselage and can be used to test the control surface movements when you are done, all for $6 or less, plus they can run off 4AA batteries.
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