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new build

  1. Incader

    Help! What Paint theme should I go for on the FT Tutor?

    I was thinking about a yellow lightning bolt Cub style with a white body? Or maybe even stars and bars?
  2. IMG_9119.jpeg


    New FT A-10. G Bitzer, Atlanta GA
  3. IMG_9103.jpeg


    New FT A-10. G Bitzer, Atlanta GA
  4. Gruffwarrior77

    Help! Need help getting into flying

    I need some help getting into RC flying, I have a love for most things in the sky but I’m lacking the knowledge and the funds to get into the hobby. I have zero flying experience and I’m looking for some help. I want to build something that will look good in the air but can also function like a...
  5. T2 OpenProjects

    New Project: Open Source 3D Printed Plane Project

    Intro (Skip if You Want!): I've been a long time lurker on these forums, but I do a fair bit of designing/building/flying of planes, and it has been a long term goal for me to embark on a project specifically for by fixed wing fans and put it up on these forums and become a contributor myself...
  6. M

    Need HELP with build!

    Hi, I am planing to build up the xhover stingy frame and I have a few uncertainties. 1. I want to use the Betaflight f4 fc but I don't know where to solder my spectrum receiver that takes 5v. spektrum receiver: https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=SPM4649T Betaflight f4...
  7. M

    Problem with new build need help.

    Yesterday I finished building a hell whoop. I went out to fly it and after a 30 seconds the motors turned off. They would re arm fine and I could fly around for a bit more before the turned off again. Inspected the problem and noticed that after a while that motors are on the receiver status...
  8. D

    New Guy here been watching for years needs some help to finally get started

    So guys Im super excited to finally get into this hobby. I feel like I have done a lot of research and have put together what will be a good build for my first plane would like some input and two questions answered. Here is my Proposed first build; HobbyKing™ Bix3 Trainer/FPV EPO 1550mm Mode...
  9. Y

    Foam for UK flyers????

    I've been wanting to build the FT spitfire for a while now but I can't seem to find any foam board in the UK. What is it that people use here? Depron foam is the main thing I have found on Ebay and amazon really.