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Need help on deciding on foam for FT Master Series Corsair

I am thinking of building a FT master series corsair in a week or 2, I would like to make sure I have the correct foam. Delrin isnt available here unfortunately. Ive heard EPS ( EPS foam - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/400...earchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ ) and EPP are good, but I dont really know. I would order from the FT store, but unfortunately 25 sheets of foam would cost $50 in shipping. ( I would prefer if the foam is available on aliexpress or a very widely common material i could find in the crafts shop )
I would love to know your suggestions!
Also, I know most don’t want to hear it. But this might not be the best first build. I would try the p40. I would pick it because it has some of the techniques used in the Corsair.
Sorry for the late responce, the $2 board has no brand and I found some Elmers foam board for $11 for 40x60 inches of foam. I got some 20x30 inch elmers foam and I am making the mini corsair from it to see generally how it would be.
Ahh allright. Would you suggest any way of cutting the foam? I got a board today and with my current box cutter, it goes blunt very quickly and I have found out I am not very good at bevels with my mini corsair model. Will a hot wire work well and make a Master Series Corsair after I make the P40, or is there a better way that is relatively easy and under $50?