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Need help repairing a bulged nose

Hi! I just did my first succesful flights with my AXN Floater Jet. It's an awesome plane! However, on my fourth flight, I did a dumb thumb and nose-dived the plane from about 5 meters up on takeoff. The nose bulged out due to the pressure and has cracked slightly down the side.


Anyone have any ideas on how I could repair this? As you can see I have already put some pins in the crack and it has helped.
With a couple of my EPP models I used tooth picks and some Foam safe CA glue to mend a broken nose. Others may have a better way, but that worked for me. I have also used hot glue with good results.


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If you dip the nose in warm water it should expand the individual balls, then you use a spoon to flatten them down again and it should be the same shape as before, then use thin cyano to glue it back together
Hot glue, then after that hot glue, then just to top it off a little bit of hot glue. After that you can add some carbon fiber rod to strengthen it up.

Last Friday I was fling my AXN and the elevator servo failed and the plane nose dives, IT killed my rubber servo on impact. I went trough 1 1/2 sticks of hot glue and two 20cm lengths of 3mm carbon rod on either side to rebuild the nose then rebuilt a canopy out of Gaff tape and zip ties.

Before and after shots
20120525_001b.jpg IMAG0315.jpg


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Well, I had some slight mishaping on the Bixler going on, so the canopy wouldn't fit, I just filled the crack with UHU Por and then held it back in position with tape. I left it overnight, it was still kind of bent up, so I just stretched it back down while doing the tape mod. (covering the fuselage with tape)