Need help with motor and Plane!!!!!!!


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I recently just bought the motor in the power pack b which is the EMAX CF2822 1200KV MOTOR. I only have a 2 cell battery, and a good enough esc. However I really want to build the ft storch, or the bush wacker. But, I don't know if my motor and battery, and prop combo will work. In this case my prop is 8.45. It would be great if any of you could tell me if it would work flying a storch or a bush wacker with my combo. Thanks!:cool::cool:


The motor is rated for a 10x6 prop with a 2s lipo battery. I would think it could work on the storch with the 10x6 prop but it would be very close to maxing it out with the size of the storch. The exact setup you have would really be just too small. Especially for the Bush Wacker!