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Need help with tricopter (rcexplorer)


Junior Member
Houston, we have a problem .....:confused:

I build my tricopter with the description of david from rcexplorer.
My tricopter is build and everything seems to be correct BUT :
When i try my first take off, it is impossible to control it, one of the arms have more powre than the others (the front left)

I feel that the gyro don't compense correctly.
If i put the trico incline at 45°, one motor speed up just one second and the trico stay incline with the motor at the same speed
I don't think this is normal.

This is what i do :
- i build the tricopter
- i flash hobbyking F20 A ASC with bs_nfet
- i flash the hobbyking multi rotor board with tricopter firmware 1.6
- i flash my turnigy 9x into er9x
- i calibrate the throttle range on ESC
After flashing the transmitter and the esc, the motors turn in the wrong direction, i just invert 2 wires from the esc to the motor to to switch them to the correct wise. nothing serious but it's weird.



Junior Member
Could it be that one ESC hasn't flashed correctly? Or maybe your gyro gains are not set correctly?
i will try to reflash all the ESC, i hope i will resolve my problem.

For my gyro gains, they are all at 50 %. I try to change them juste a little (25%-75%) nut nothing change.