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Need Kiss Flashing Help

Recently got a Kiss FC. Soldered on esc wires. Plug into PC, but I am unable to flash it. The flasher in KISS' software doesnt switch over to 'flash firmware" Like it should. DFuse doesnt recognize any STM32 bootloader device. Zadig also doesn't recognize it. Yes I am holding down the bootloader button. Running windows 10. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP


Wake up! Time to fly!
I went thru the same thing when I set mine up. I could connect with the KISS gui after installing DeFuse but could not when I was trying to access the bootloader. I did some digging and found I needed to have a comport driver and got pointed to VCP-V1.4.0 (virtual com port) and have had zero connection problems since. I Just now got done flashing myset up to the newest version with DShot and am about to go out and maiden that. (Keep fingers crossed) I read something about the zadig but after I had already found and used VCP and never even downloaded that. Keep in mind I am on a win 7 pro machine so not sure how win10 will like the VCP driver but give it a look.