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Need Manufacturing??? Site Industries

Hello everyone, My name is Solomon. I own Site Industries located in San Antonio Texas. We are a small Manufacturing company, that is really excited about helping other small companies grow. We are RC guys also, I have done large scale RC manufacturing before (DNA RC). Our capabilities include the following:

CNC Machining 30x16 up to 40x20
Laser Cutting and Engraving up to 36x24 (Epilog Legend EXT 50watt)
3D Printing (Cube X DUO)
Kydex forming and cutting
Full 3D Modeling in almost any export file type including corel

We do private label manufacturing, packaging, and direct shipping. No job is to SMALL or to BIG!!!
You can fill out a RFQ right on our website or email me direct.

Office # 210-310-8432
Fax # 210-680-8304
on your website, you mention the dimensions of your 3d printer's printing volume as...

"9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 square"

wouldnt that be a cube? not a square, also is that 9.5 inches or cm? might be handy to place in the units, as there is quite a big difference there :)

what would roughly be your price for 3d printing something? is it per time? or per cm^3?


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solomon, when you go to post your image, there's a icon that looks like a picture of a tree above the text box. Click on that, and upload from your computer.
It it is based on time. It is also based on SAE. the size of the printing area is in inches. But we can also convert from CM. I will also have to update me website. Thanks.
Just a reminder that we will work with anyone, no matter how small a job or how big! The RC community is great and we are here to help out! Thanks FliteTest for all the info.

PS. We do much more than just LG.

Is there a specific link or way to donate to FT?
"CrashRecovery" If you can do a pencil drawing and dimensions we can create it for you. A small fee for the CAD would apply but you would own the files.
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