1. DJSomm1

    Customizing the ERC TimSav

    This is the story of my modified TimSav. I wanted to keep the simplicity of the TimSav, but add some features to make it more useable: 1. Larger cutting space, to accommodate 24” x 48” underlayment foam sheets. 2. Vacuum bed to simplify alignment, and wrangle warped foam. 3. Fewer 3D printed...
  2. Cpl Goertz

    converting plans

    Hi guys does anybody know how to take your normal flite test plans and convert them into laser cutter plans? Thanks, Cpl. Goertz
  3. thenated0g

    JART Build ie HOW to vacuum your bags ie HOW to laminate foam wings

    Vacuum bagging has been an interest of mine for some time. Its an old process though which has really made it hard to find enough information to make me comfortable to get started. I believe that because it is an old process that we have a couple things making it hard to research. You have older...
  4. thenated0g

    RC Keith CNC Hot Wire build log

    Been looking at this build for over a year and finally decided to buy the parts and start working on it. Link to website i am using with lots of good articles on everything: This is the same plans that Dave Foster (hazard wings) and Defiant...
  5. AeroEngineer20

    Introduction and Custom Jet Engine Project

    Hello all! My name is Andrew, and I am a university student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I've been watching FliteTest for quite a while now and have been inspired by their designs and their attitude toward the hobby. I think it's safe to assume that I am not the only one here who has...
  6. SP0NZ

    Rascal CNC

    RASCAL CNC CUT IT - BUILD IT - FLY IT The Team: Nic Lechner (nerdnic) Todd Optional (Litke) () Kevin Matusik (blackkrystal73) Dan Sponholz (SP0NZ) The Goal: Deliver free plans and instructions to build a DIY hobby-grade CNC machine focused on the model airplane community. Dedication...
  7. S

    Hire a CNC router?

    First post! I want to build a FT Gremlin but want to design my own frame and get it cut but I don't have a CNC router! Does anyone know of people who do this as a hobby or professionally? I know of online services that contract out 3D prints and I'd like something similar but for cutting parts...
  8. D

    Need choosing flight replacement stack for 90mm self built Quad

    Hi, I built the Quad bellow but I need a new flight stack for it, the one I have is running 20A ESC but and keeps crashing (i mean the software locking up not my flying!) It was cheap and as I can now tell nasty. The quad is 90mm, weights about 150 grams, I looking to run 3s batteries and...
  9. P

    Problems Scaling (NEED HELP)

    So I am trying to take some FT Plans and turn them into DXF files for my mpcnc and I keep running into scaling issues between Inkscape and Draftsight..... When I open PDF in Inkscape everything runs smoothly until i save it as a DXF. Once I Open it in Draftsight the scaling is insanely off. What...
  10. elicottero78

    Hello from Italy

    Hello, i am a person who likes to fly and cnc machines, laser co2.
  11. O

    CNC plans?

    First of all im sorry for the mistakes i made im not a native Has anyone got fusion sketch plans for the scrath builds For the last 6 months i have gotten into the hobby of building and flying rc airplanes (Thanks to flitetest and a youtube chanel called samm shepherd) I have mostly only...
  12. B

    CNC drawing problems

    Use a CNC machine as a plotter to draw Flite Test plans directly to the foam sheets. Everything was working fine until the "New style" plans with color coded cross hatches and all the extra info was added to the basic profiles in the drawing. Cad see's all this extra info as vectors and wants...
  13. R

    DIY Foamboard CNC foam cutter

    Hey Guys, I've been wanting to build a CNC for a long while. I've tried one last year, just like the one in this video: but had a lot of problems with jagged movement. This week I decided to scavange all parts I had laying around and start a new...
  14. R

    Making a lowrider frame with a cnc machine!

    In the last couple of month i worked on a new design for my new mini quad. And this build i wanted to try something different. For a long time now i wanted to make a lowrider quad but i was scared i couldn't fit the electronics. With this build i think it's possible. The space between the two...
  15. R

    Making a 180 size quadcopter with my CNC

    For the last couple of months i was thinking about making a 180 size quadcopter, but i had my doubts. I thought it was perhaps too small. But a couple of weeks ago i saw someone fly a 180 size quadcopter (a epiquad) and i knew i wanted to make one. See the 2 video's for the complete buildlog...
  16. C

    Laser for CNC router upgrade?

    I have a home made CNC router table. 16" by 44" I have been using it for the past 3 years to make and sell home decor signs, engravings, and carvings, along with other artworks like cutting out shapes/words/letters from mostly MDF but other hardwoods as well. I have used the CNC to make rockets...
  17. S

    DIY CNC Laser Cutter Power Question

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting and I was hoping someone in the community could help me out with a quick question. As the title suggests I am making a cnc laser cutter so I can expedite prototyping and also have faster and more accurate foam board cutting. I have four questions...
  18. flyingdreamz

    FT Versa Wing Pusher CAD Files

    I created these files in order to cut out some combat Versas on a CNC cutting tool. I did change the design a little, like full span spars, new wing tips, and removal of the swappable pod. Please do not distribute. Only for personal use. Design rights remain with Josh Bixler and Flite Test.
  19. RedTwenty

    Red20RC Online Store

    I haven't been making a huge thing about this over here on Flite Test but Red20RC has been busily developing and cutting multirotor frames and other components over here in the workshop. As a result, I've just launched a new online store to try and make back some of the money I've spent on all...
  20. K

    Contract CNC Work?

    Anyone have any sources for small contract CNC cutting? I have a DXF file I'd like to have cut out of a small piece of plywood. Googling gets me a lot of links for building and buying hobby CNC machines, but nothing for some who does small hobby jobs. Or do people just use a Dremel or hobby knife?