1. nebraskatrevor

    HOME BUILT CO2 LASER FOR DTFB (lots of pics)

    I thought I would share a few pictures of the laser build that I completed recently. When I began with flite test planes only a few months ago I knew quickly that I wanted a way to cut out my own planes from the plans that they so generously provide for each of their new releases. I have a CNC...
  2. P

    Problems Scaling (NEED HELP)

    So I am trying to take some FT Plans and turn them into DXF files for my mpcnc and I keep running into scaling issues between Inkscape and Draftsight..... When I open PDF in Inkscape everything runs smoothly until i save it as a DXF. Once I Open it in Draftsight the scaling is insanely off. What...
  3. elicottero78

    Can you build my laser co2 cutter drone quadricopter?

    Good day, here you can download the dxf files of my project.....laser co2 cutter drone quadricopter....naza lite or kk v2 Hope you can try it, I want your opinion, thank you
  4. makersam

    Issues Converting for Laser Cutting

    Hi everybody :) I have been lurking in the background of this site for a while and finally got around to actually joining up with forum. Funny that I have time to build/fly planes, but never seemed to get around to getting on here lol I worked in a Maker space a little while back and have...
  5. C

    Laser for CNC router upgrade?

    I have a home made CNC router table. 16" by 44" I have been using it for the past 3 years to make and sell home decor signs, engravings, and carvings, along with other artworks like cutting out shapes/words/letters from mostly MDF but other hardwoods as well. I have used the CNC to make rockets...
  6. S

    DIY CNC Laser Cutter Power Question

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting and I was hoping someone in the community could help me out with a quick question. As the title suggests I am making a cnc laser cutter so I can expedite prototyping and also have faster and more accurate foam board cutting. I have four questions...
  7. drummerguy103

    ElectroHub Quad Build - A beginners first build

    Hi All, A couple of weeks ago I started the build of my first multirotor, a quadcopter built around the FT ElectroHub. I was originally planning on a dead cat configuration but decided against to due to the extra configuration required. Specs: KK2.1.5 flight control board Turnigy Multistar...
  8. S

    From PDF to Laser Cutter

    I have my own laser cutter and I have found some software that can convert the pdfs into vector images but it's never easy to get the designs sized right and everything. Anyone have any experience doing this with some good ideas? My current set up aidecad trial version - converts pdfs to...
  9. S

    Need Manufacturing??? Site Industries

    Hello everyone, My name is Solomon. I own Site Industries located in San Antonio Texas. We are a small Manufacturing company, that is really excited about helping other small companies grow. We are RC guys also, I have done large scale RC manufacturing before (DNA RC). Our capabilities include...
  10. F

    behind the scenes suggestion, Laser cutting

    Hi, I've been watching your videos for a couple of months now (all of them!) and the one thing I don't think you have covered is the laser cutting of your kits. I know I'm interested how the laser works when cutting different materials like the that used for the "Batbone" or the wooden...
  11. O

    Laser cut frames and camera gimble

    So when i first got into copters, i saw i could but all sorts of frame, but to be honest, they were boring and more importantly it was not challenge or any fun to just build a out of box frame, so i decided i would laser cut my own frames. Now i will point out, i sell these frames, but i can...