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Need some help identifying a plane..!

I recently came across a plane that's been sitting in my friends garage for years. I took it home and started rebuilding it to a brushless conversion.
On the maiden, it took off seriously tailheavy and really wobbly on the aileron input. Managed to land it flat on it's belly, but still in one piece.. (minus one prop)
So i need some input as too what kind of model this is, and maybe what to expect on caracteristics.. I'm still a beginner but the large wing and small flaps tells me it has more speed than glide/acro caracteristics..
Also where could I expect to find the CG on the wing?

The hull is fiberglass and the wing is foam, covered in balsasheet.
Total weight 1,7 kg.

Any input?
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I have no idea what sort of plane that it, but I do like it.

Anyway, a quick though not very precise way to locate cg, start at the thickest portion of the wing then adjust forward.

On most of my gas to electric conversion I've used larger than needed motors, and usually a dual battery set up to get as much weight up front as possible. I don't like to add dead weight.
Well, the thing is, I dont think it's ever been flown before. So only just built with the nitro motor. (It says OPS 29)
So I don't think it's been balanced at all. But I did do a basic CG test as well as check the throws on it before the maiden.
Was not that bad, but once in the air it was all over the place!
I put a 3632-1200kv turnigy motor in it, with just a 60 amp car ESC I had lying around.
With a 2200mah 3s battery and a 10x5 prop it actually had decent power output, even though the motor is rated for planes up to 1,9 kg.
I agree with a bigger motor, and that was also the idea. But I really wanted to see it in the air and get a basic idea of how it handled. And in doing so, maybe being able to lift a 5000 mah 3s og perhaps a 4s with lesser amps to balance out the CG.


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It looks like one of the Schneider Cup Racers.... Here is an image HighFlight-Spitfire3.jpg

Not sure, but it looks like it without floats. It appears most of those planes were for sea racing.

Look it up and see if one of them may be it???


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I think you need more than 3 cells to get the power needed. The OPS give 26500 rpms and close to 1500 Watts - and a glow with pipe is running at full throttle!!!!
I think that you need close to 100 km/h to get the plane well flying.
It looks like a plane for + 200km/h speed.
If you want someting flying slower then you need to build a new thicker wing.

Did you ask on the http://www.modellflynytt.no/forum.php site?
Perhaps someone knows your plane?
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Well, certainly looks like one of the Schneider planes. And also a pylon racer..
I remember the guy we got the planes from, told us that this one when finished would do close to 300 km/h. But I didn't believe it..
But then I had never heard of pylons!
I think I want it to be a fast plane, and so keeping the wing as is. Need to balance it first.
But I'll post some more photos later of the fuselage. It clearly has room for a bigger/thicker airfoil. So I guess I can change the whole caracteristics of the plane by building another wing.

Thanks so much for responses so far :)