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Nerdnic Bucker design build and review

I pulled some plans from Nerdnic, and built them up. This Bucker looks nice and pretty. After watching his videos and seeing the plane fly, i knew i had to build one.

The build was simple, if youve built the FT Mustang, you know how to put this together with your eyes closed. The design is simple yet very scale. Tha tabs on the ailerons add a very nice feature to the plane.

I have attached some pictures of the build process and i will close after with a review of how i thought it flys.

photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG

This plane really came together nicely. The wingspan was larger than i thought it was going to be, but for a trainer plane this is a nice choice.

i was very happy with my plane...
photo 4.JPG
Heres where things went south... I put the apprentice 15e safe technology receiver in this plane, had it nicely balanced, but couldnt figure out the reason it was giving me up elevator when i wanted to go down on the gyro, (AS3X) stuff.

So, heres what happened after a couple of very twitchy, rather unpleasant flights. Although it was very fun, and we had some good laughs, it didnt end as i had initially planned.
photo 3.JPG photo 5.JPG

SO, if you are going to use the SAFE receiver, make sure you dont have the receiver in the plane backwards...It will make your flight experience a little "bumpy"
Thanks for the plans nerdnic! I'll be building another one soon!
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