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NEW FliteTest Beaver!


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@BATTLEAXE I'm a big aviation nerd for all things Dehavilland! and I like supporting the guys at FT.

I was considering another UMX Timber and passing mine down to my oldest son but this actually feels like a much more robust plane. We'll see how it does with an As3x board in it, it may be trainer worthy! If its anywhere near as slick as the timber with the floats in the snow itll be awsome!
My friendly local Package Car driver dropped off my Beaver today. The airframe is beautiful but she was stuck to the packaging a little bit. I’m hoping to have this assembled in the next couple days but I need flaps too and I don’t have any servos that I can use in there! Ugh!

Can’t wait to get it flying!




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Well... First bone to pick...

Not so much at FliteTest, but at everything micro in general...

1.0 1.25 1.5 2.0 2.54 and any of them can be wired diffently!

FT is kind enough to send adapters for the micro servos to go to any standard (2.54 pin) receiver and there are plenty of options for that kind of receiver. Trouble is, now there are a ton of options for the smaller receivers, even something as cool as my 6ch Spektrum with As3x stabilization. That is the receiver I'm using, so now I'm soldering new connectors onto all the connections...

oh well, day in the life...

Terminal breakdown.jpg


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Ah, thats no big deal! Thats only about $20.00 of the finest connectors china can offer, you just have to order them 13 weeks ahead of time! lol

Just be like me, what we like to call "self employed" which means I work 2 full time jobs, and another 2 part time, and anything else I can do in between to make a buck! Heading up to the barren northern tundra next week to pay for all these goodies! LMFAO

C'est La Vie


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Stones throw from Canada, got a couple jobs for next week, one on the ND side, the other in Montana. I'm a jack of all trades, this one being oil field construction and maintenance. Got some concrete to pour (always fun in the cold) and a large valve to change out on a big shutdown. I've been working on getting in with this new company doing pipeline surveying. They've been paying someone to fly all their pipelines... I can cut their cost in half with my "drones" So far its looking like a good deal, I need another good side hustle! I'm going broke trying to ranch! lol