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I may have already posted here . I’m a regular follower. I’m interested in ultimate fpv. I like the dash board telemetry display by essential rc. I’ve visited their site several times but found it hard to get around. Also looked a some other inflight telemetry displays. There were a couplebthatnuse your phone but I’m not ready to put an $800 phone in the air on an untested system that I may not really know much about. Plush the phone is not exactly light weight. I’m into giant scale warbirds so relatively big heavy planes. I’ve flown a big Corsair for many years going through an early gyro my local flyers froned un but it worked then to one of the first flight stabilizers , my local guys though I was nuts, but it too worked we even installed it on an unknown plane and it flew great. I even took off with the Sutton pilot on in my Corsair accidentally. I had to over ride it manually but it proved there was control. It was a 3 axis thing essentially 3 gyros with integrated controller. The altitude controller was not nearly as accurate as some of today’s . I eventually set both systems up with a toggle switch on the transmitter. The autopilot was just too complicated so I went back to a gyro on the rudder only switched on and off with the retracts. On when gear was down. This worked great, but as I flew more I got much better with coordinated rudder at all times necessary.
so today’s systems with fpv really interest me. I have very poor vision issues so you will see spelling mistakes occasionally, as I have a double vision issue that makes typing here extremely difficult. It’s not correctable by glssses no by covering one eye. The closer the display is the better so the fpv goggles seem the best way so far in the brief test I’ve done.
thanks for reading . Comments welcome.