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New Gremlin cannot get Betaflight to recognize transmitter DX6

Just built my first gremlin. Not new to RC, electronics or programming, but totally new to building and configuring quads - so I don't know the lingo or Betaflight.

I got through the configuration (via TJ's Build Vid) through binding the transmitter (Spektrum DX6) to the receiver (Spektrum SPM4648). In Betaflight however, the bars don't move on the transmitter tab - they just kinda flash on and off, and only the aileron, rudder, and elevator (top three). No response from controller, but receiver is bound. I am using Betaflight configurator 10.2.0, and firmware 3.3.1 for the F3 Femto (SPRACING F3EVO). I reflashed and reconfigured everything. Any help would be great! Not sure what else to try...




Eternal Student
Your configuration all looks correct, can you post a screenshot or video of the receiver tab? I remember having a similar issue last year but I can't seem to remember what I did...


Eternal Student
In the screenshot, it shows you as running Betaflight 3.0.1, not 3.3.1 - which is where the conflict lies. Flash the latest firmware and you should be good to go.


Wake up! Time to fly!
If the problem still happens after re flashing try setting the receiver to uart 2. Thats where I have to run my receiver at but I use Frsky gear and remember having an issue early on using uart 3.
Got IT!

I had to instal Zadig to get the flash to work, and select Full Chip Erase on the Firmware screen. Now everything appears correct, and BetaFlight is correctly seeing my DX6 transmitter.

Thanks a Bunch for the help guys!!