New Guy Here


Howdy to all, I have been involved in model aircraft on and off for 50 plus years, my Dad was my influence, he was a member of the 460th Fighter Squadron the Black Rams during WWII, his passion was model airplanes! As a young boy I watched him fly his free flights, control line, R/C and scratch build and kit build planes, my first time was flying one of his U control planes at the town ball field, man was I excited, I was maybe 10 years old, my memory recalls just bits and pieces of it, and yes so was the plane. skipping ahead, I started flying R/C in the mid 70's got married in the early 80's and had two son's when they got old enough also began flying R/C. Then we kind of lost interest. I'm retired have four grandchildren who I'm trying to get into R/C planes. While searching online I found Flite Test, what an awesome site, looking forward to building a few planes with my grandchildren from the plans I have downloaded, and getting back into R/C myself. My avatar is a picture of my Dads Super Brigadier he built back in the later 50's, just guessing, what I recall most about the plane is "Don't Touch That" Today It's my most prized possession, to me it's priceless!
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