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Bob S

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Hi to all

Long time looker, short time posting. I am retired US Army and a long time model airplane builder. I also collect US pennies. I really enjoy all the posts and pictures of the planes that you build. I know the weather is getting bad for some of you to get out and fly, but here in AZ it is still in the 80's during the day and 60's at night. Keep those pictures coming.
Bob S

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Hey Bob. Welcome!

Enjoy that AZ weather.. Someone told me it could snow this weekend here in MI. I'm trying to figure out how to fly and not freeze!


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Hi Bob. We've many vets here. We seem to like building and flying things. Welcome. Are you building anything currently? If so, I would suggest you start a build thread, throw up pictures or video of your progress and you'd be amazed how many people jump in with encouragement or advice. Again, welcome.