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New here

Hey everyone. Im new to the hobby and so far I love it. I cant wait to develop my skills and purchase more quads as well as build them. I recently bought an Inductrix FPV plus rtf and I love flying when i get a chance. Im always up for advice and ideas so dont be afraid to msg me.


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Welcome daxma. Its nice to see another from Louisville. I dont fly quads much, only have a 2s gremlin, but i do fly a lot of FT fixed wing. Where in the city do you fly? Im usually up at Charlie Vetner Park, in the Fern Creek\Jtown area.
welcome welcome, also new here but been flying for quite a while. More the plane pilot and starting to fly FPV this year (waiting for my ordered gear). lots of helpful people and tips here. enjoy flying.
I usually fly in my neighborhood until I improve my skills. Maybe when I get good at acro and buy a gremlin or something with better gear Ill fly out in different areas. I hear charlie Vetner is an awesome place.


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Advice is to have fun and enjoy and don't take it to seriously.

Also I find flying with friends (even the bench type) is most fun. Join a club!


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Charlie Vetner is great, has a couple wide open fields. No good landing spots for fixed wing tho, just chunky grass. It has a field marked for gliders, and if you fly while the Glider club is there on sunday mornings and your not flying a glider, they will try and run you off or make you go to another field, which is annoying. I ignore them at this point tho. Its a fairly quiet park so no worries about crashing into people. I wish The Parklands would let us fly there but they have park rangers that run you off. Since its a company based park their rule is no drones, which includes my lightweight foam planes... but they have so many awesome fields and LOTS of runway areas. Ive been trying to talk them into adding a flying field but i never get responses when i email them. Which is sad...

Anyway, i wont be able to help you much with drones and what not, but if you ever want to get into fixed wing, primarily FT kit/scratch building, let me know if you need help. Ive got an addiction and have like 7+ flyable models atm with more coming. lol