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What is the difference between these two batteries from the flitetest store?

SKU: GPR-800-3s-Battery

SKU: 3slipo800

The 3slipo800 is the recommended battery for the tiny trainer, but will the GPR battery work just as well?

Will either of these also work for the mighty mini corsair or does that plane really require the: Hyperion 850mAh 3s 20c Lipo?
And how is that one different than the above two batteries, other than slightly larger (850 vs 800 mAh)?
(Which I don't see in the store. Is this one actually labeled 50CMax????)


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The 850 vs an 800mAh is a non-issue. 50mAh isn't enough to sweat over.

If you are looking for a lipo to handle BOTH the Corsair and the Tiny Trainer, your limiting factor is the Corsair battery compartment.

I run 1000mAh and 1300mAh lipos in my Tiny Trainer. These won't fit in the Corsair and would be too heavy. I run little 34mm wide 800mAh Hobby People 30C lipos in my Corsair and P-51 and they are a TIGHT fit.

The batteries you listed may use different connectors. One may use a JST and the other the newer XT-30. The XT-30 is a better connector IMO. You will have to match your ESC connector to whichever type of lipo connector you use.
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I see very little difference beteewn the 2 800mAH batteries other than $.50
One of them has the dimensions given and the other doesn't so it's hard to know if there is much of a size difference without more info.

My recommendation is get one of each and then let us all know. I know it's an added expense but LiPo's pretty much always get used one way or another. it's only going to cost an extra $10.

By the way, I notice you are new to the forum or at least this was your first post. Would you mind introducing yourself and sharing a bit about you.

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