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I just wanna say Thanks to Flight test for bringing me to this step, and maybe learn a few more things about flight and with you guys (and girls) maybe build and fly my own airframe.

So yeah this is me Ryan-Sam. I'm a University Student from England (UK) and I would like to think i have quite good practical skills. I base this on the fact that i have now built two guitars from blocks of wood and electrical components.

But now i come to flight. I was always one of my ambitions to join the "make your own multirotor" club at my University. and now that point is upon me, have to start looking for designs etc to help inform my decision of what it is that I actually make. thing is for all my looking i cant see anything...

So what i'm looking to make is a Mid-Heavy lift platform that is able to lift a Gimbaled (and "gitter" stabilized) camera platform for my DSLR camera.

After looking at the "Blade Chroma" I would like to look at GPS and Altitude holds, as well as the "camera tracking" and "Follow me" features included on this specific airframe. but being a broke college kid i'm gonna have to look for cheap but effective solutions.

Anyways, nice to meet you all hope y'all can can give me a hand with this project. :)
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_ Ryan-Sam.


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My advice is start simple. It is way to easy to make school projects more complected then they need to be. Did this project get off the ground?