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New memeber here.


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Good morning everyone,
My name is Kelley. I just recently (with in the last month) got into building "foamies" I started to build a SU31 and a Friend at work, that happened to turn me onto the hobbie, gave me a retired pusher jet already complete, minus electronics or motor. I picked up a FLY SKY TH9X from HobbyPARTZ.com as well as a few 1300mah 20c batteries and a 30A ESC and 1/2 a dozen 9g servos. as of last night, I FINALLY have the transmitter figured out (took a bit to figure out how to set the elevons) looking for any pointers or tips on anything to make any part of this hobby easier. Several years ago I was into flying .40 trainers, but that was expensive and time comsuming. The real appeal to me with these electric planes is they are cheap and easy to build, which makes it easy to share the hobby with my kids and get them interested in something other than video games.


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THe 9X transmitter can be a pain to program - but you can do so much more with it than you can with other transmitters for thrice the price!


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God luck with your kids ;-)
Tell me if you can get them outdoors instead of sitting playing games in a dark corner................


Welcome, Kelley. Great choice with the 9x! As you have discovered, it is a radio lacking adequate documentation from the factory. But, Youtube is a great resource for programming this radio. Mostly, these videos are under the name Turnigy 9x. It is the same radio, just branded under a different name.

To make things easier, I recommend www.wattflyer.com. This site contains the most comprehensive information regariding electric flight. Another is RCgroups.com.

Good luck!


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Thanks. I have turned to you-tube quite a bit actually. and I've found the best way to get familiar with 9x is simply by play with it and trying out different options and settings. I will definitely check out the wattflyer site.
Anyone know of a simple, easy to build plan for a nice slow trainer that might be good for my youngsters


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Greetings form the other side of the mitten! Where abouts are you over there? I'm in Wyandotte, about 1/2 a mile from the Detroit River. Glad to see you found Flitetest and this forum. Good luck to you, flying season is approaching fast.
There's a flying seasons LOL
Love it
Try a simulator kids love it and it's cheaper than replacing the planes over and over again.
Other wise the slowstick from GWS has always been an awesome trainer to learn on.
great cheap quick building fun
good luck
"keep your nose up"