New Mini Biplane Design


Toothpick glider kid

So this build started by me looking at my old, beat up, mini speedster and wondering if I could make a sub 250 gram (so I could fly it at the end of my street) slow flying biplane. I started by deconstructing the speedster to take measurements. The fuse id more or less the same to the speedster and the top wing is the same dimensions but just shaped differently. The bottom wing is a scaled down version of the top wing. Her tail surfaces are exact copies of the mini speedsters. everywhere there is blue packing tape the paper underneath has been removed to save weight. (with the exclusion of the fuse where only the inside layer is removed on the sides) She ended up weighing around 180 grams ready to fly, so well with in my target weight. The first flight was okay, the motor from the speedster had a really crappy prop saver that vibrates really bad above half throttle. I went back home and put my power pack a motor with a 6x4.5 prop and a 550 3s and this thing flew great! It had tons of power and cruised at around a third throttle.

I still don't have a name or her so I will be taking name recommendations below!