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mighty mini

  1. Grifflyer

    Plane Mini Master Series Spitfire 1.1

    When I set out to design the Spitfire, I wanted to try keeping things simple and easy to build for a Master Series plane. I chose to go for a fuselage that has an inner frame that then gets skinned in foam, rather than taking the "mold together" route that Overstreet uses. I put a lot of work...
  2. Grifflyer

    Plane Mighty Mini P-51B Mustang 1.0

    If you're anything like me then you'll like the looks of planes better when they have a razorback. While I like the look of the bubble canopy on the P-51, I prefer the looks of the P-51B which has a razorback style canopy. I reconstructed the fuselage of the FT Mini Mustang so that it looks...
  3. Rcoilots101

    4 channel mighty mini sportster in heavy gusts

    I really love the Sportster models in particular the mighty mini,but found it difficult to control outdoors because its always windy where i live, so i popped on 2 x 5g servos and lengthened the wing by 10%, I hope you enjoy the video. Battle with the Wind
  4. Matagami Designs

    The Miniac Ju-87 Stuka

    Just got finished building the @MiniacRC Ju-87 Stuka. I really think it turned out great. The plans he has provided are done very well and the model looks very accurate in scale with plenty of the details captured. See the article here...
  5. foamtest

    New Mini Biplane Design

    So this build started by me looking at my old, beat up, mini speedster and wondering if I could make a sub 250 gram (so I could fly it at the end of my street) slow flying biplane. I started by deconstructing the speedster to take measurements. The fuse id more or less the same to the speedster...
  6. flitetest

    Plane FT LongEZ 1.0

    FT LongEZ Designed By: Alex Zvada & Josh Bixler Plans By: Dan Sponholz The Flite Test LongEZ is a great "bank and yank" semi scale DIY electric airplane kit. Simplicity was the theme of this design and our hopes are that it can be built and flying in no time! One motor, an ESC, and two servos...
  7. SP0NZ

    *Unofficial* FT LongEZ

    FT LongEZ Designed By: Alex Zvada & Josh Bixler Plans By: Dan Sponholz The Flite Test LongEZ is a great "bank and yank" semi scale DIY electric airplane kit. Simplicity was the theme of this design and our hopes are that it can be built and flying in no time! One motor, an ESC, and two servos...
  8. Dr. Looping Looie

    mighy mini LOOPING LOUIE!

    Do you remember Looping Looie from your childhood? Is a game with a crazy pilot who is out of control ( That really souns like Flite Test:p) and you have to save your farm. So why not rebuild it as a FT mighty mini? Game ad: This box image looks just awesome!: It looks like a mashup of the...
  9. SmokeshowFPV

    Mighty Mini Simple Cub (2/3 scale)

    Hello all! I have been working on making a Mighty Mini version of Josh's amazing Simple Cub. I have revised the plans using Inkscape and scaled the plans down to 66%, which should make the fuselage able to accept a mini power pod. I so far have only built the wing and a power pod with thrust...
  10. JamesWhom

    Mighty Mini Vampire (Fighter Jet)

    Introduction: Cheers for checking out this post! This forum thread is dedicated to my Mighty Mini styled deHaviland Vampire design that you can build yourself. It's small, quick to build and only uses 1 sheet of foamboard. FREE PLANS...
  11. A

    Help Needed with FT Mini Sportster

    Hi all! This is my first forum post and I am pretty new to RC planes, so I figured I should see what advice. I built a Mini Sportster from a speed build kit recently. I am having trouble with it's performance and cannot figure out why - so I am looking for some help. It has an Emax MT2204 -...
  12. Michael763

    Mini Aeromaster (Like) Biplane

    Mini Aeromaster Inspired Biplane I have been a fan of Lou Andrews Aeromaster since I was a teen, circa late 1970s and early 1980s. Mine was built for me by my father, that was a great gift. It flew one with a Fox Eagle III on the nose. Now since I returned to RC flying a few years ago I just...
  13. Vampircorn

    DX4e Elevon Mixing Problem

    I just built the FT Mighty Mini F-22 tonight, and I have encountered a problem with the elevons and my DX4e transmitter. When I flip the mix switch the elevons work, but the stick's controls are swapped. What I mean by this is that (in Mode 2) moving the right stick up/down controls the roll...
  14. L

    FT flyer conversion.

    Hi all, I was thinking of fitting a FT flyer to a mini power pod. What percent should I print the plans at? Thanks!
  15. S

    FT Mini Arrow efficiency build

    WOW!! Totally blown away with some of these Arrow designs and just the forum community in general. I now have another question to ask. I have decided on my second plane, and would like to get a general idea for what to shop around for. I'd really enjoy an Arrow with some zip but also efficiency...
  16. S

    Help with XT-30 Connectors

    Hi there. I am a newbie trying to build a Mighty Mini Arrow (photo attached). I have finished the body of the plane and now I am waiting on my "F Power Pack" that I ordered to arrive. The Flitetest store is currently out of the 3 cell xt-30 connector batteries that it recommendations using in...
  17. H

    Upscaling Mighty Mini Corsair

    Hi everybody, I am flying RC planes and quadcopters for some years now but until the beginning of this week, i was completely new to scratchbuilding. My first model was the mighty mini Corsair and i really love it !! As i think, that it is a little bit small, i instantly decided to build a...
  18. D

    FT Mini Arrow

    The upcoming FT Mini Arrow (FT Store link)is one cool looking little wing! To me, it looks a lot like the Experimental Airlines Synapse. Links: Free plans Intro video Build video
  19. T

    100 MPH Mighty Mini Corsair!

    Hi, I just made the new Corsair and thought I would share my setup for some awesome speed! I used a funfighter motor with a 6x4 prop. It went fast on 3s, but according to some weird German Doppler effect software it went 100.4 MPH on 4s give or take. Not sure how accurate it was, but it seems...
  20. SP0NZ

    Mighty Mini MkIII

    Mighty Mini MkIII - Build MIGHTY MINI MkIII Mighty Mini Sized Bloody Wonder MkIII Baby Baron next to the Mighty Mini MkIII DETAILS This is my second Mighty Mini sized plane. It uses the same power setup as the FT Mighty Mini series, and can use the same power pod as the Mini Scout and...