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New old blood

Just a quick note to say howdy from Las Vegas, NV., I’m new to the forums but not Flite test, the name is Jim, 57 going on 15, married with no kids, cause I am the kid! (Just ask the other half). I played with uncle sugar in tha Air Force for 15 years, thus the passion for airplanes. I enjoy downloading and building . I am curious why Flitetest doesn’t come out with a magizine?, I would subscribe (Hint, Hint)


Legendary member
Welcome to the forums! A magazine would be a great idea. I suspect it would be an expensive project. YouTube is just cheaper


Well-known member
I hear you. I'd love to see a magazine. I'd much rather read about all this in print. I try to stay active on the forums, but don't spend nearly as much on youtube! Welcome to FT forums!