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New project

So I was just about to press 'Pay Now' on Value Hobby's Easy Stik.

I kinda like the old style trainers. Easy to build, fly, break, fix and fly. That, and it's less stressful getting aggressive with an ugly plane.

But why buy it? This is the perfect platform for a fast build foam board model. I already have the supplies and time (for once!)

Step 1. Clean up work space...
Almost complete 80" wing. I need to cut the ailerons, ad the iron cross decals, and fab control rods. I'm thinking the ailerons will taper from one inch on the inside to two on the outside.

Sorry if the pic size is wonky. I'm on my mobile.

Wanna take bets on the preformance of 9 gram servos in an 80 inch wing?


Old age member
Nice foamy.
9 gr servos will be fine
Take a look at the Cargo Twin - almost as big - 2 * 24 gram indoor motors and huge rudder areas.
I haven't been able to work on the Easy Ugly ( that's what I'll call it) yet today. Been thinking about the fuse build. Seems like it will take four boards. Also, I've though of a pull pull rudder/elevator set up.

I need wheels. I'm having dirty thoughts about the push mower... any ideas there?
Fuselage plans drawn. I need a fly break.

The Pitts has been giving me fits lately. I cannot get the thrust angle right. I may give it another go. Of course the Decathlon is flying beautifully with the new gyro. Maybe it needs a turn.
It's starting to come together.

I don't think the Sierra can take much more duct tape...

That's my second best flying plane!! Maybe $45, $50 and it flies better that my fancy pants models. Why do I even buy planes???


Man I love it when a plan comes together. Great Job Sir and she flies so nice, round of applause for your piloting skills as well as build skillz. I hear ya on the storage part, thats my biggest problem. I been building more then crashing and running out of room.