1. Joe Carpino

    Differential thrust on DX8e? HELP!

    Does anyone out there know how to program differential thrust on a DX8e? I’ve tried several methods but I can’t get it to work and I’m getting really frustrated.
  2. F

    KISS FC V2 wont show Tabs in gui

    Hi, I have decided to build my first FPV Quad. I ordered all parts i need therefore also the KISS FC. Now i soldered everything in place as it (hopefully) should be. When I connect the FC to my Windows 10 PC (with data cable and the driver pack from the homepage) i can connect the FC in the...
  3. T

    Gremlin kwad vibrations

    Hello! I am new in the drone community and just finished the construction of my Gremlin kwadcopter! But I am having problems... Whenever I go above about 1/3ish throttle i get SUPER jello and at higher throttles the FC gets angry and the kwad freaks out. I have tried messing with the PIDs to...
  4. J

    Ahhhh ESC/motors go crazy. What is going on?

    I just got the Eachine Wizard x220. It has the Spracing F3 Flight controller, now. That said. I got everything set up and ready to go. I turn it on and go to hover, then it insta-flips and goes crazy (never left the ground, though). I had to use the failsafe to get it to stop. So, I checked...
  5. D

    Spektrum Dx4e Bind Problem

    Hi, I have a Spektrum Dx4e and the bind key/button is broken...I was wondering if there is any way to bind with out using the bind key/button? Thanks.
  6. M

    Still having problems

    I posted about my problem here and I still can't get the receiver working, sometimes the LED lights up for a sec or two but then it dies. Thanks to all those that helped me in the other post!
  7. T

    GR18 and MZ-12 Reset?

    So I put together my Versacopter V2 and I think I messed up during the Calibrations and radio setup I and would like to redo it but I don't know how to reset the Gr18 and Mz-12. My problem it that the motors keep beeping nonstop and its not the startup beeping I have know Idea why and I can't...
  8. J

    Naze32 Rev6 Power Problem

    Hi guys I am currently doing my first Naze 32 build, I have connected the Receiver, Esc's and OSD and everything is working. But for some reason today, when trying to connect to cleanflight with a usb cable there is now a problem. The blue light comes on but is very dim and does not connect...
  9. D

    Seriously annoying ESC problems

    Help is needed! I have nearly finished my not so fancy kk2 quad and on its maiden, one of the motors stopped turning. I needed to push it a little to get it going, otherwise it would just wiggle, and I also need to move my throttle nearly halfway up to start the motors. Im using the reccomended...
  10. H

    Tricopter V3 Video problems

    Hey guys, I have now finished my build of RcExplorers Tricopter V3. Im using the KK2 Mini as FC and to record the video the GoPro Hero 4. It flys pretty good but the video isnt that smooth as I want it to be :( I took the PID-Settings from David. But I lower the P Gains a little bit so that it...
  11. G

    Tricopter Flight time problems

    Hi I recently rebuilt my tricopter, which is an aluminium version of David Windestal's Tricopter, with a KK2.1 control board, a 20a Q-brain ESC, a turnigy 2200mah 3s battery, some dt750, 10x4.7 GWS props, and other accesories. I have done some calculations, and i should be getting about 6 mins...
  12. G

    I need Flip 1.5 Arming help!

    Hi forums, I have finally finished my Electrohub build and need help with arming it. It has the Electrohub kit so the Flip 1.5. I have this for my transmitter It is bound to the receiver...
  13. I

    Tricopter problems

    i have just finished my tricopter build but unfortunately the servo at the back won't Center and only turns in one direction Is there anybody who's had this problem and knows how to fix this problem, Many thanks Ian :)
  14. D

    HELP WITH QUADCOPTER I built this quad about a month ago and I have not been able to fly it. The problem seems to be with motor number one. When I try to take off, the quad moves forward rapidly and uncontrollably instead of staying level. I have done...
  15. G

    Electrohub build Problems

    Hello people of the forums, this is my first time here so i hope you can help my noobieness. I have been building an Electrohub Spiderquad and have been having some problems. I have everything setup, everything plugged in and soldered, i have triple checked. Bound the transmitter and the...
  16. mmeyer

    New quad problems

    As many of you probably saw i had another thread about my new CF quad with a unique clean plate design here. I took it out for its first flight two days ago and was quite bummed to find it was flying awfully. My first thought that this was due to incorrect pids or some very serious vibration...