New Style of Warbird

Crazed Scout Pilot

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Hey everybody I have a new idea for us as the FT community to try!
The idea is a category of warbirds called the "Red Tail Battle Bird." How it works is you build a warbird which ever one you want to, it could be a Sea Harrier, to DRI Tri plane, you then paint it with a red tail and a red nose. You then right in fancy letters "Red Tail Battle Bird" and then post pictures of it on the forum.
Since, I came up with the idea first I will go first.
My plane is a F-16 that I designed myself. If you would like plans and build instructions let me know. The plane flies really nice (as long as there is power) and so I decided to honor it as the first Red Tail Battle Bird.
I have no pics of it flying since I painted it but here a some with no paint.



Here it is the classic Fighting Falcon become the first Red Tail Battle Bird.




I can't wait to see what the next one will be! That is the big question who will be next.