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New to foamboard construction... so what IS poster board?!!


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I know it will seem stupid to many of you, but here goes anyway... :eek:

What is the poster board made of that is used for decks etc in the swappables? My clubmates and I are about to scratch build up FT swappables in Depron, but despite watching the videos I can't work out if it's thin cardboard or plastic/acetate. Here in the UK poster board is another word for foam board, hence my confusion - anyone able to clear this up? Many thanks. :)



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Regular paper might work too. It won't hold it's shape as well, but should still work. It's only there for looks anyway. If you're going to paint the plane or cover it in vinyl or tape then regular paper should be fine because the added material over it should make it hard enough to hold it's shape.


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I read a thread where someone used the cardboard from a cereal box as a substitute for poster board. Once painted you can't tell the difference.