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Love the Flite Test Vids, and have some questions. Would like to get back into RC after 25 years. Hope I can get a little help here re-vamping my old planes.


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Hi eimb1999,

I'm working on the same thing myself.

Taking out fuel tanks, cutting hatches, removing the old glow motor mounts, to convert my old balsa planes into electric ones.

The radio technology has really improved in the last 25 years, but yes, there is a learning curve.

We'll be happy to help you get through it!



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You are definitely not alone! Strike a problem and I am sure that there will be a multitude of forum users only to glad to assist with answers or suggestions. The experience base and general RC knowledge here are vast and mostly topical.

You might find that among the users here that someone has already done exactly what you are trying to accomplish. For the other suers I say "If we can help we will".