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I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to this group. The last time I touched a homebuilt RC anything was back in 1993 playing with my friends car and plane but I have my kids drones that got me kind of hooked (the Wal-Mart Christmas stuff) and I've bought a few others myself. And I'm sure you get a good quality with buying premade items such as a Mavic or Phantom, but then you're limited on customizations. So I decided to build a S550 which I'll post about shorty in the right forum (****I need advice on it*****).

A little about myself, grew up Nebraska, college in FL at ERAU, lived all over the Eastern US, worked all over the world, and now am in the Sunshine state. But I'm a pilot by trade with over 23,000 hrs. and flew corporate for a long time before flying ISR overseas on multiple aircraft. Unfortunately I'm not eligible for my first class medical after 96 months deployed and the resulting medical issues so I got signed off on my drone cert and have been kicking around the idea of aerial photography, video, and LiDAR applications. but first refer to the post later about my drone (have to get it to fly before I can do any work).

Although I coordinated with military UAVs and such, it got me interested in doing some of this work on the home-front. One of the programs I worked on helped develop LiDAR and the results we got off it were incredible. Only to find out that not only can I get my hands on cameras (FMV/IR) and LiDAR sensors right online now. Of course all this lead to youtube videos watching RCs, and saw some really cool things, subscribed to flitetest, which lead to the site and here I am!

From what I saw online and from reading these forums, I think I may have found the right place to find not only the stuff I'll need in the future but also the knowhow needed.