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I am new to the forum thank you for allowing me to Join. I am not to tech savy and i am thinking of getting Radiomaster vs a new Spektrum NX8. The price is driving my decission. I need some help.


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I have basically went from Spektrum to Radiomaster (with an FrSky in between). Been very happy with the RM. Only have a few Spektrum planes left and it works well with them... One of them with SAFE and one without. There is a learning curve with the transition so be prepared for that.


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+ 1 on the Raido Master.
There are at least 3 ways to do everything. There are also plenty of videos to explain how to do it.


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I used JR 72mhz systems for 10 years prior to moving to Spektrum and 2.4 around 2005. I absolutely loved their products. But the price point to replace my aging DX7 with a comparable TX gave me pause.
I decided to switch to a Radiomaster for the 2021 season and absolutely LOVE it. The programming is very different from what I was used to with JR/Spektrum, but it isn't too hard to figure out. And there are many good video tutorials on Youtube that will walk you through almost anything you want to do. For the price, you can't beat a Radiomaster.
I will also say that my RM and FrSky receivers had nearly zero issues at the very busy Flite Fest event. My DSMX receivers failed multiple times there.