Compatibility test of RadioMaster TX12 MPM version with ELRS Radiomaster Receivers


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I have the MPM version of Radiomaster TX 12 Mk2 i want to upgrade my RX from R88 V2 to some better receivers present in the market. I am also planning to use a Gyroscope ( NX4 Evo). I have shortlisted a few Rx which is in stock in my country.

The short listed Rx are mentioned below:
  • RadioMaster ER86G RX
  • RadioMaster ER6
  • RadioMaster ER5A
I am new to the hobby, and im not well versed with the protocols of TX and RX. I want to know what receiver from the above listed is compatible with TX 12 Mk 2 MPM version and will it support the Gyroscope i am using.
I am attaching the image of the Gyro and TX.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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From a quick look at the product page, It looks like the NX4 needs a combination of PWM and sbus input to map all the channels. None of those receivers meet that requirement on the surface. I'll have to dig in to the reciever documentation to see if there is an option to map sbus out to one of the outputs.

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FYI, ELRS IS NOT A MPM PROTOCOL. You will need an external ELRS transmitter module to use all of the RX modules you listed above.

The more channels the better.
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