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New to the forum -


Junior Member
I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and have been picking up some very useful information! I just thought I would introduce myself!

My name is Jay, I'm from New Jersey, just outside of Seaside. Here is my story:

Way back when paper routes were for kids and not for adults trying to make ends meet, I had saved up $500 to buy my first kit. This was nearly 30 years ago. My dad and I spent a few months building a Midwest Aerostar .40.

We had taken the plane out to a small field behind the local elementary school to break in the motor and practice taxiing around. We had forgotten to bring something to cover the opening where the wing sits, so we just set the wing on ant put a single rubber band to hold it down.

We didn't plan on the plane leaving the ground, but stuff happens. A gust of wind took the plane up. It really did look nice in the air, until the wing shifted (1 rubber band, remember?) and the plane took a nose dive into the ground.

That was my last experience with R/C planes.

Fast forward nearly 30 years and here I am. I stumbled upon the scratch build video for the swappable Nutball. As I was watching the video, I started thinking that it looks like a do-able project, but what about the radio gear? Back in the day, my Futaba 4 channel radio made up around half the cost of that first plane... What a pleasant surprise to see entry level 6 channel radios for around $30!

My wife went out and bought me a couple of sheets of foam board and a $30 gift card to a local hobby shop. We'll see how this adventure turns out!


Welcome, Jay. Yep, things are far more affordable and accessible these days. The nutball is an easy build and flies decently for a flat airfoil (flying barn door). It is a weird flying little bugger, but is easy to control, as long as you keep the control throws dialed down.

Good luck and keep us apprised of your progress!
Hey welcome to the forum. I know that feeling when you put so much into a plane and it doesn't go "according to plan". The scratch build world is so much fun and it makes you really feel good about it when it flies. I hope all goes well. You should go on youtube and search experimentalairlines...that guy has some really interesting stuff about how to build and techniques using foam board. Don't forget to get yourself some gift cards. Not to put money on but to use as stiff points for things like batteries and motor mounts and control horns.