Fairly new and look to learn


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Hey everyone,

I'm fairly new to RC. I bought my first drone after a decent amount of research last year (July, 2017). It was a Bugs 3. I've since ordered and FPV camera for the nose and got a cheap kit with the camera and monitor that either clips to the transmitter or slips into a boxy headset. It's fun to play with, though. I've also got a Syma X5C my brother gave me, a syma X20 that I bought super cheap after a co-worker got one for xmas. It's great for indoor fun. It's got a nice altitude hold and a so-so headless mode. Good battery life and quick recharge.

My latest accusation and first plane ever is a Top Race TR-C185 that someone gave me for xmas. I don't recommend one unless you have a warehouse at your work to fly it in like I do, or you can take it to a gymnasium. I needed gobs of space to start learning how to fly it. Now, I'm getting way better with it, but I still need a good amount of room when I first launch it. Then I can get it flying tighter. However, their claims that you can fly it in your bedroom are false. At best, you could fly it a tight circle and that's no fun. I've improved it with tape on the nose and below the tail where it drags and I've added eyes and teeth to improve it's ferociousness levels. It's been a lot of fun, though.

I'm hoping to save up and get a DJI Mavic. I don't like all the proprietary and warning stuff they do, but every time I see a lower priced "DJI killer" and compare the footage on youtube, there is never a comparison, DJI always blows it away. They may be lying, but the DJI footage I compare it to, says it isn't using enhancements.

I'm now looking at getting the FliteTest Simple Cub starter kit. What I'm debating on is whether or not to spring for the DX6e. My intentions would be to buy the DX6e with this plane, then buy RealFlight 8 and use this controller along with a dongle to play that sim(assuming my laptop can handle it), then I'd buy other planes, using this controller as my main controller. However, I've read somewhere that certain controllers only work with the correct receivers. I can't find any info on how to tell which planes you can use with this transmitter, so I don't know if it's worth paying extra for it. How does that work? Do you switch out the receiver to one that works with your transmitter if you buy a plane that doesn't have the right one? How hard is that to do? Thanks guys.