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New to this forum, but not all that new to RC flying (or the world for that matter)

Hello Everyone,
I am looking forward to many engaging conversations here. I've been an amateur RC enthusiast for 20 years. I've never flown any real large or complex aircraft, but I love to watch them all the same. I do however have an FAA Commercial pilots license although I do not fly do to a lack of hours and the ability to get hours, (hey, renting an airplane is really expensive and besides I need more hours in complex aircraft in order to even be considered for employment). I am not all that crazy about being gone from my family so much or for long periods of time. Anyway, I'm happy enough as it is and I'm sure I'll get more time in an aircraft some time soon.

Back to the real reason for being here.... I love RC flying and I am intrigued by building and flying my own planes. I always get a kick out of the YouTube videos these guys put out all the time. I also love the designs they have for building your own planes.


Fly Angry
Welcome to Flite Test mate.

We all love flying and watching what the next thing Flite Test guys do. You will find a lot of builders that caliber or better here to learn from as well as a ton of lesser skilled guys like me looking for help or something new and exciting to try.

Just remember this forum runs on pics and videos so post many and post often.


The flying faceplant!
The FliteTest kits are a great way to get into building with foam board if you haven't in your 20 years. I started with Balsa in '85, joined the service and picked the hobby back up in 2012. The FliteTest kits introduce you to the latest ideas without making you deal with the printer, partial cuts or sourcing local foam.

Then they put the plans online, available for free, for when you know what you are doing.

Kits are identified by simplicity of build and also by simplicity to fly.

If you haven't built your own before, it is pretty different in that no one has trimmed out your plane for you. Film the maiden and post it here in our forums. If she crashes we may be able to use the video to help diagnose the problem. If she flies, we will all cheer with you! :)

Welcome to the FliteTest forums, paladin!