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Hello! Im Jordan. I have been dreaming of flying RC planes for almost 40 years! Expense and unavailability of parts in my part of the world made me kind of shied away from it. RCM kept the flame alive until I finished college and got a 9 to 5 job. I completely forgot about it until 2 or 3 weeks ago when I stumbled on this site.

Now i'm scratch building a Joyplanes foamboard trainer, which was based on this site's Storch.
The build is going well, I can't believe how fast I built my plane from the plan! I'm still waitng for the motor, esc, batteries etc, though. I'm gonna be asking a lot of questions. I'm also preparing the F3D plans to be cut on cardboard on my Cameo paper cutter. Will use it to trace on foamboard more acccurately.

Maiden flight will be 2 or 3 weeks from now.

I'm so glad I found this forum!! God bless us all!


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Welcome to the hobby. Stumbling upon this site was a stroke of good luck for you. Lot of people here who know a lot about building with foam board. It's a great resource. Be sure to send us pics and video! I have a blog with tips for foam board R/C modelers at:


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Stumbling across this sight may not be a good thing it lead me down a road of no return, and obsession, never enough planes.
I hope not, for me.. who am i joking? i'm already setting up building an F3D for my second plane.


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Welcome! Beware the highly addictive nature of the hobby. Like you, I had been thinking about it for 40+ years and finally got into RC flight right before COVID. Now, every corner of my garage and office are crammed with foamboard warbirds and I'm always looking to build more. This forum is a great places for plans, inspiration, and community. Have fun!

Remember...Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat.


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I have not flown it, but I have two other Arrows planes and they are a good value. Make sure you don’t pay more than what it is selling for at Hobby Zone:
I checked Hobby Zone and Arrows website and they are the same price. I'm ordering it and can't wait! I've had the top race TR-C285 but it was defective and only worked with stability mode on(the tail was ripped) and I haven't flown any planes since.