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newbie wants some advice :D

hello everyone, and forgive me for my bad english!
about a year ago i started learning about rc planes and quadcopters etc. i built a quadcopter with the AirGear350 set and a APM flight controller. i bought a 6 channel transmitter and receiver. so i managed to make it fly after a really long series of annoying problems. that was a success, a year goes by, and now i'm interested in fixed wing aircrafts.
i have no experience with rc planes. so right now i want to try and build a really simple plane and just learn to fly. i want it to fly slow and smooth so that it makes the training process easier. i know that i need a low kv motor and a few servos, battery, rc tx and rx, etc...
so this is where i need your help, hear me out:
i have my old quadcopter and i'm taking it apart, i can't buy a new motor and prop for now. so i was wondering if i could use one of the motors (tmotor 2213 with 95*45 props) and use it to build a simple trainer plane! i have a 2200 3s lipo, i can buy a few micro servos.
i'm getting really confused and i can't really determine if the motors i have are possible to be used in my "LEARNING HOW TO FLY An RC PLANE" Project.
i can replace the 95*45 prop with a smaller one if it solves the problem!
The simple cub, simple scout, old fogey, or the old speedster should work with that motor and prop. They all take 9gram servos. The simple cub can even be made into a 4 channel when you get more experience. You can do that with most of the planes just know that with more dihedral in the wing the ailerons become less effective. I personally made an old fogey that has a lot of dihedral so I made the ailerons large. I wouldn't recommend doing that until you have more experience in building these planes. Just my opinion but should give a starting point for you.


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Your motor and prop are perfect for a trainer. I would recommend any of the FT trainer planes, the Simple Cub, Storch or Bushwhacker. The Explorer is anther possibility but you would need a smaller prop. Your motor and battery are likely too big (heavy) for the Tiny Trainer.
FT-Explorer - nice floaty plane, pusher prop high up so little chance of breaking it on landing.
ok thanks. and how should i handle the weight of the battery? i think my battery is a little too heavy for a trainer build, should i put the battery right where the CG is so it doesn't cause any problems?