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Newby from North Queensland Australia

Hi Everyone,
I am Ian but everyone knows me as Mac. I will be 65 this year and although old enough to retire budget won't allow it just yet. About to get into RC as one of my retirement activities. I have been studying everything Flitetest and have printed plans for a scratch build Simple Cub. I'm working on obtaining suitable foam board, power supplies and Rx,Tx, battery and charger. Only experience was a brief lap with an underpowered control line gasser. It crashed as soon as it encountered a headwind. Apart from a little foray into Playstation games and being able to operate the TV remote, I did buy my kids an rc toy car 40 odd years ago. I downloaded the trial version of Clearview this afternoon and had a play. Many crashes but did manage to land it several times before the free time ran out. I could clearly hear Josh's instructions of level wings and throttle back to land. Control was by keyboard buttons so was a struggle. We have a RC Plane club nearby so will get involved at some stage. Looking forward to the build fly crash cycle.
Greetings Mac! I too recently built this plane myself (simple cub). One thing to remember when scratch building is that its not calibrated like a boxed plane from the hobby shop. I feel this is a great plane to start with it will teach you the basics of building, binding, and trimming. I have crashed mine over 10 times and has little damage at all. Are you planning on building the 3 channel? That is what I built and I absolutely love flying it that way, no ailerons to deal with as a beginner. It banks very similar to the 4 channel but will auto level once done with turn. Remember if you build a 3 channel to put your rudder on your aileron port when plugging into the receiver. Good luck and if you can get pictures we'd love to see your build process/final build!

This was my first scratch build, as you can see I wasn't very good at the bevels on the foam, went through the paper a lot. Just cover it with tape. For me this was the worst struggle when building.

Hi guys,
Thanks for the welcome and useful information. Haven't decided on 3 or 4 channel yet. No where near building yet and may need to combine birthday and Christmas stuff to collect all the components I'll need so may take all year to get to maiden it. Something to look forward to as we are about to start our busy time on the farm and will not have a lot of spare time until December.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
You should be able ot source some decent FB from an art or picture framing place and of course there is officeworks but their FB is very expensive and supplied in tiny sheets. The FB I source locally is around 1000 mm x 800 mm and is a little heavier but far far stronger than the standard WRFB.

Have fun!