Newcomer to the scene looking for general tips, tricks, and answers.


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WARNING: Might end up as a long post but will try to keep it short!

When I was younger me and my dad would go to a local field and watch RC planes but that's about as far as that went. I did own those cheap RC cars and even that one RC chopper they sold at wal-mart which had the cable attached to it and it only had 1 button you press to make the blades spin.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago (Jan 2nd), I'm now 32 and went to a local gun show with my dad and afterwards we stopped by a hobby shop to see what all they had. The next weekend (Jan 9th) I went back up there and bought a Dromida Ominus FPV because that was about all they had in stock at the moment. Before I went up there I spent about 3 days prior watching youtube videos about quads and pretty much watched all the Flite Test videos I could. I flew it around the yard that Saturday for a bit before it started raining, that Sunday I didn't fly at all because of the weather. Monday was a nice day, so I got my quad out flew it, ended up landing in top of a tree. So what do I do? I give it full throttle a few times to try and rock it out of the tree and burn up 2 of the motors in it. Ordered 2 new motors that night from ebay and had them in Thursday. I spent all last week in the yard flying and having fun, finally got the trim perfect and I actually seemed to catch on right away and had a blast.

Haven't flown at night yet because of how cold it's been but I bet I've watched close to 300 - 400 videos on youtube since 3 days before I bought the quad up until today. It's like I was instantly hooked and loved all the different things people have built.

Well it happened. Last night I was looking around and found a deal I just couldn't pass up, so I signed into paypal and sent the guy $200. I am getting 3 quads, 3 helis, Turnigy 9x transmitter, a Thunder AC6 charger, some FatShark Predator goggles with camera and 5.8 tx, + alot more stuff. Guy said he hasn't used it all in a while and wanted it all gone and I figured if anything the resell value just on the goggles alone would be worth the $200 I spent.

Along with everything comes a built BlueSkyRC xRotor Spider Quad with a MultiWii PRO 2.0 Flight Controller connected to a FRSky Rx. He said it probably needed to be tuned he wasn't really sure and couldn't remember because it's been a while since he used any of the equipment. I'm assuming the MultiWii board will have an older version on it.

So my quick questions would be

I downloaded Arduino, i watched a few youtube videos on what I could find and I am a C++ programmer so all of that un-commenting and opening up diff files wasn't anything weird to me as I have seen a few people say it was. Besides Arduino, what else will I need to download to tune the quad? I seen something about a MultiWii GUI but I couldn't find any download on their website.

Even tho I am new to the RC world at the moment I do catch on fast and thanks to Flite Test with all their videos I've learned a lot faster from videos than I do reading and I figured since I couldn't pass up such a deal it would be good to go ahead and grab everything and start learning while I keep my Ominus to learn how to fly better.

Appreciate the responses I get and I can't wait until tomorrow when all my stuff arrives.


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