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Next build attempt


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Almost done, had to wait for a couple of servos. i was also playing with the canopy since i don't like the original one. still have to test the motor's direction, and figure how the battery is going to go before i put the top cover on .


well i'm stuck for a bit. i tried using a Y harness for the ailerons and a Y harness to the elevator, but i forgot to put one of the elevator servos backwards so that they would flip the elevator the same way on both sides, so i am not going to mess up the foam board by removing one of the servos and turning it around, instead i'm going to run second line to my AUX1 and assign it the channel as an elevator. i tried it with the Y harness and it works. so i'm waiting on some servo extensions, I looked to see if i had some on my mess of a work station, and them you know when you'r looking for something, things start popping out and i forgot i had this thing . and all kind of ideas started popping in my head. it says it takes a 3s and that i should be fine with a 40A esc . current drain is 35.0A thrust is appox. 820g what do you think would it be enough to push it. it has a himax A 2825-3600 motor.



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i would be very concerned about that EDF having enough power on 3S to get your plane in the air. what is your AUW expected to be? have you weighed all the parts to see what kind of numbers you are looking at? that will give you a much better idea if it will work.

good luck,

me :cool: