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Ni-ion 4 cell won't light up KK2.1 board...


Junior Member
Hi to all.
I have put together a 4 cell Ni-ion 3.7 trustfire batterie pack for my tricopter as per the Geek Guy. Showing all cells good etc. But when I connect to my tri I get no power. I get a correct 4 cell read out via my Turnigy Qanum Telem but that's it. Do I need to change my power output settings on board? Currently running 3 cell 2200 bat at 9.9 cut off.
Any bright spark ideas?


Dedicated foam bender
The board might be dead if you sent more than 6v into it since they are supposed to be powered from a BEC or powered from an ESC, both of which only output 5-6v...


Junior Member
It's setup as per David Windelstal's tricopter, can't remember, but the board is fine was flying ok after I tried the 4 cell.