nnChipmunk - 800mm


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This reminds me that I need to build a new full sized nnChipmunk. I loved this plane, all the way up until an impromptu combat took place


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Hey Nic,

I'm looking to print out some Chipmunk plans, and I am wondering about the Super Chipmunk option. Is is just a style thing or is there a performance aspect as well?


I choose which of the aircraft to build on a scale of 800mm. It is necessary that at medium speeds (30-40kmh) the plane flies well and with rather large rolls. I think the plane will be quite light, I plan to meet up to 400 grams. What is the best fit for these purposes nnchpumnk, nnmig-3 or nnspitfire? Thanks


Ok, thanks I will try chipmunk800.
In plans 800mm chipmunk only base wing, Is the speedwing plans 800mm span? My local foamboard is quite fragile, with hard landings it can break, and the speedwing wing is quite