Radjet scratch build, Flies amazing!


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For years I have been a Stryker guy! Even have posts through here on how I've made them over the years! But the Radjet 800 (or similar knock off varient) has intrigued me as people always seem to really love or really hate them!
So I started buy raiding the Hobbyking website manual for the Radjet!


From the website and images I got the basic out line. Easy to work tout that its 800mm span, 690mm long and the COG is marked on the image from the manual.
I've always been a fan of using 9-10mm foam for wings/wing plates for parkjets etc. So that's what I used here. I used FT foam board for the fuselage and verticals! Great stuff but now prohibitively expensive to buy due to postage expenses out of USA! Here's a build vid!

This was a lot of fun to build and easy! And to fly is an absolute pleasure! On rails!

I may build a pure 5mm foamboard version similar to my mini Stryker style. Or even a bigger version!! I did crash it and will post a repair vid when I get time!!!


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@philgabanski - what a great build video!!! Thanks for doing the hard work on the vid. I need a new flying wing and I just might build a rad jet. Had my I on them for a long time. You should add your vid to the prime jet 8 thread on RC Groups. HK "stole" the plane from these guys.

Wow, I had no idea. These look great! I'll have to post over there when I get a chance