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nnP-38 - design, build, and review log


I build things that fly (sometimes)
I'll let @nerdnic chime in with a definitive response, but I think the firewall mount area may have some wiggle room based on what motor setup you are using. Different motors may require the firewall to be installed further forward or aft a bit. I know I beefed up the area around my firewall with a little foam doublers right behind the firewall. I'm on my mobile now but will check the laptop for pictures tomorrow.
I'll say this... I miss this plane. It flew so well and was so much fun. I should have been smarter with the wiring and taken into account the amps pulled by each motor and ran a pair of xt90 connections to two batteries (or slapped castle connectors in). The Dean's connectors failed and I melted a bunch of shielded wire on the crash that did her in. 150+ sustained amps on Dean's connectors isn't a good idea :-( If you're running a monster setup on her make sure you account for that with your wiring.

You're build is looking great! I'm eager to see more of these in the wild!
Wow, that's some amazing amperage! Seeing some of your maiden videos and how quick that bird took off, that makes sense. Sorry to hear about the crash.

Here's what I've got for power system specs. I'm definitely designing it more around a parkflyer setup than a trying to hit triple digits on the speedometer.

Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV Brushless Outrunner Motor x2
4s 3300mah battery
HobbyKing 60A ESC 4A UBEC x2
Gemfan Glass Nylon 1045 2- Bladed Propeller Black (CW/CCW) (1 Pair)


wilmracer is correct. You’ll want to adjust the firewall depth based on your can length. For a 3530 I think the standard location will be too deep. Your build is coming along great so far. Are you enjoying the process?