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nnP-39 XXL


I'm building a 3 meter nnP-39.

I just follow the design from Nerdnic but had to adjust because of the size.
The engine will be a DLE120 with a 28x10 prop. It is a gas engine which works wel on foam :)

It must be transportable

The wings have two wooden spars and can be split for transportation.

The wings are filled with polyurethane foam. Bit tricky to do but the result is amazing.

I will keep you posted!
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Was not my plan. But you're right, it would be very very cool to have retracts.

When this one is finished i'll buy a 20CC gas engine and build a plane for it. That will be about 1,6 meter and I think I should put retracts in that. Have to design the wing spars so the wheels fit in between I believe.

Thank you Nerdnic for your designs and for your kind words!
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I made some progress. All controls are done and working.
Elevators (two servos) rudder, ailerons and flaps.

Those are 16KG servo's. I think it is overkill especially because I have two for the elevator but in a way it makes life easy. Made a power rail by simply cutting all red and black wires from the cables and soldered the together.
All is powered by a LiFe battery. I really like those, no worries about sufficient amps but you need high voltage servo's.

Custom control horn

Next: landing gear.
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Those gas struts are so cheap I bought some more so I can vary the up to 300N per wheel. Now I have 250N per wheel (25Kg)
On my nnChipmunk I mounted it all to the foamboard fuselage by gluing in woodscrews into to foam.
That worked very well. Had some hard landings and a crash (mid air collision) with the nnChipmunk but the wooden plate stayed well in place and connected. The holes in the wooden plate will have the screws.

Fully mounted. They are still removable.

Next: Power pod
I made a lot of progress.

Start of building the swappable power pod. All is epoxy glued and screwed

Finished swappable power pod. The corners are reinforced. Hope all will be strong enough.
Those mounted mufflers you get with your engine but they do not muffle much (I bought a krumscheid muffler, see last pic).

Running! The thrust with full gas is enormous and scary for sure :eek:!

So I bought myself a krumscheid muffler and two comfort headers (unbelievably expensive but a difference of night and day compared with the factory 'things').

Interesting angle.

Next: I have a list of small things to do including some painting to make the pane more resistible to moist.
It looks like next week we have some calm days soooo.. maiden of the 'raw' plane probably next week!
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That looks pretty freaking awesome! Is the exhaust going to come out of the side of the turtle deck?
Yes it will. The original plan was to have the exhaust on the bottom but my landing gear kind of got in the way. I guess I can get away with it like it is now though, the curve that holds the muffler is actually in nerdnics design.
Ready to fly but not finished. Have to do more paining and make a cowling but the weather is good so tomorrow we'll fly.

One needs a lot of paint for an XXL plane :)

@nerdnic. The way you designed that canopy man! What a smart, well thought and working design. My absolute compliments! By the way, I used 3mm foamboard here for strength.

The hatch has the final paint. The lighter grey is ground paint. I like that color but I do not think you can use it as normal paint. The hatch is longer as in the design. When you take of the hatch you can reach the servos.

Look at the couch or the stove to get an idea of its size :)

next: maiden.
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