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NO LIPO Shipping


Junior Member
Hi guys

I just bought the Solo Pro Micro Fixed Pitch heli, and added two 1s lipos to the package. i ticked no lipo by mistake and am worried it will get rejected!

Anyone experienced this?


Rotor Riot!
If it hasn't been shipped yet, you can cancel the order by going to Contact > Live Chat and telling them your problem.
If you cancel the order, you will be refunded in HK credit, which you can only use to purchase items, not for shipping. You will need to pay for shipping again, but you will still have leftover credit for a future purchase.


Junior Member
Unfortunately cant get onto Live Chat / Contact.

This had me worried, I dont want to pay postage AGAIN! Has anyone got away with it?

They are Minute Little 1s lipos, they shouldnt need to open the box to see that!