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No stick movement in betaflight

Hey Guys,
I'm really new to building my own quads. But I bought the parts for it a long time ago, so I want to use my Naze32 with my Spektrum Dx6i. As a receiver I have a Ar610. The Receiver is a PWM receiver from what I've heard. But after setting everything up in betaflight I dont get any Stick movement in the receiver tab. But if I pull my switches it is shown there. From this point I'm just helpless...

Is it because Betaflight doesnt support Naze32 anymore?
Is it my transmitter?
Or maybe even my fc because it cant detect the signals or I've soldered something wrong?

If there are pictures needed I can provide them

Thank you for reading I hope you can help me


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I am pretty sure the AR610 won’t work with quads. You can use a super easy DSMX satellite receiver with that board. I would still not build something with a Naze 32 in, there’s plenty of F4 AOI boards available for under $30 with much more processing power and better hardware support. The Matek F405 AOI will support separate ESC’s and older peripherals and remove the need for a PDB.
Betaflight does not support F3 boards, you will have to use 3.5 release or earlier to access the F3 boards.
Satellite receivers-
Orange RX
Superior Lemon RX one.


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You can use a PWM receiver with the Naze32, you need to connect one signal wire per channel between the FC and Rx, and select parallel PWM as receiver type in BF. The Naze is an F1 board, so you'll need to use a pretty old version of BF, but you can make it work.


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Ha ha, it’s so old I forgot what spec it was!
PWM has much worse latency as well. The OP’s RX is huge too, surely a $15 satellite receiver would be the best solution, even for F1?
Thank you dir your fast replies! I connected the receiver one wire per channel with the fc and set it as a PWM receiver in BF. But i still dont get any signals from the Sticks. Only the switches work.
I think I will try with a new Receiver and If that doesnt work I will buy a new FC.

So I need the old BF configurator to flash the old Firmware? Because with the newest version it's Always a stm32 timeout...


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Yes you need the very old Betaflight configurator. You want Betaflight 3.2 or earlier.
I still think the satellite receiver will solve the problem and be better. You won’t usually be able to use PWM with F4 controllers unless you buy one like the F405 wing with PWM inputs. You can get PWM to Sbus adaptors but they cost about the same as a satellite receiver


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You can get the old configurator, or you can use Cleanflight.
I am sure there was a post on here where someone was using 3.2 on something, they had a configurator working with it.
A new Fc and receiver will help it fly much better, but trying to save the $50 first!
Ok now I'm running BF 3.1.3 with the "latest" Naze Firmware (the flashing always fails when verifying, but other forums say this shouldnt be a problem)
But still no stick movement input in receiver tab. Maybe it's really a fault with the fc...
Is the Matek F405 ctr AOI an F4 board? Is the orange receiver giving out ppm signals?
Or how can i find out those things myself?

And again thanks for sticking with me for so long!


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Matek F405 AOI is an F4 board. Both lemon RX and Orange RX (Buy lemon if you have a choice) output like SBUS, you just pre bind them to the TX then wire up. They need a 3.3v supply, which should be on the F405, I wired one up to an Orange RX satellite fine, you then pick Spek SaT on the Betaflight menu. Can’t remember how it was wired, Matek have great documentation.
You can also use some of the newer Spektrum quad receivers, they reputedly work well but are twice the price. There’s lots of videos on how to set up the satellite ones since they were the only DSMX option for several years.
OK that helps a lot, really!
I live in Germany so the spektrum recievers have the same price as the lamon and orange ones. So I think I will stick with them since I use a Spektrum dx6i (or is this really dumb?)


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Diversity is just two antennae. You need a serial quad receiver or the satellites. Anything with a servo plug is a no for quad use, they have too much added bulk and weight.


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That is the Spekrum satellite, it will work fine. Here they are £20 vs the £12 for the Lemon one.
Make sure you pre bind it to the transmitter and only give it 3.3v max from the FC.