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Noob mistake

I have a Turnigy D2826/6 brushless motor. Decided to take it apart one day, accidentally broke the clip on the back that holds the two parts of the motor together. Still is in one piece because the two halves have a (very strong) magnetic attraction, but I can pull them apart if I apply enough force. Is the motor still usable in a plane, and if so, would it be suitable for the FT Commuter?
@GremlinRC, what do you mean by reversing the shaft? And do I need to worry about any other washers or something else that might be attached with the clip?
Depending on the motor you buy, the shaft may protrude from either end and sometimes the default doesn't suit how you want to mount the motor in the model and you need to reverse the shaft so it protrudes out the other end. In many cases this is possible but sometimes it needs a little creativity to make it work.

Mostly the bearings are well glued in and they should not come out when you pull the motor apart. Sometimes there is a washer under the circlip and you need to be careful not to lose that. When removing the circlip, I often do it inside a plastic bag because it is too easy for the circlip to go flying off never to be seen again.
Oh dear...
I'm pretty sure my motor had a washer under the circlip.
Is it too important? And wouldn't a M3 clip/e-ring give a tighter fit on the motor shaft?
Sorry for all these Qs, just that I really do like that motor.
Lesson learned, always use a plastic bag-just that the guy in the youtube "tutorial" didn't use it either:)
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