Noob needs help with with flip 1.5 programing


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I received an electrohub kit for Christmas. Over the past few days I have built my electrohub, had my first flight and first crash following an out of control encounter with a tree... 2 broken props and 2 split booms later I decided to check over everything to make sure it was my terrible pilot skills and not anything else that caused me to crash.

I have found just one thing that seems off to me in the programing for my flip 1.5 that I can't seem to resolve. When I arm my quad and give it minimum throttle 3 of the 4 motors go to the min throttle setting but the left rear goes to a higher throttle. I have calibrated my ESC's and the accelerometer and can not come up with any reason why this one motor goes to a higher throttle. I have attached pictured on the MultiWiiConf showing the left rear with a too high throttle. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Screenshot 1.PNG
Screenshot 2.PNG

The only other question I have is about arming and disarming with throttle/yaw. I have a DX5e and thus can not make some adjustments on my radio. I have adjusted the MINCHECK and MAXCHECK values to match my radio so that everything should function normally. I am able to arm my quad with the throttle all the way down and the yaw full right however when i give no throttle and yaw full left the quad will not disarm. Any ideas why this might be? I have been using the AUX1 switch to arm and disarm as a work around for this but would prefer to just throttle and yaw if possible. Attached below is a screenshot of where i changed the MINCHECK and MAXCHECK values.
Screenshot 3.PNG

Thanks in advance for any and all help! Sorry if these are really simple or stupid questions but like i said, I'm a noob.


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I can't address the motor command discrepancy, but I read in another thread from joshuabardwell and jhitsma that you also need to set the min/maxcheck values in the settings tab of the GUI, in addition to setting it in the sketch. It's a little like the servo throw limits on my tricopter build. The config.h values define absolute limits, but the "live" settings are set via the configuration apps. That is my theory, at least.


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that you also need to set the min/maxcheck values in the settings tab of the GUI

I think you mean MINTHROTTLE. For that one, I don't think the config.h value does anything at all (although the sketch won't compile if you remove it entirely). I don't think you can change MINCHECK/MAXCHECK in the GUI, though.

To the question about the quad not disarming, I would say check the input values in the GUI. Is the yaw channel going above/below MINCHECK/MAXCHECK?

To the question about the motors not being equal, it looks to me like your pitch and roll channels are centering around 1550. This is higher than the value expected by MW, which is 1500. As a result, the copter is trying to pitch forward and roll to the right. This is why the back-left motor is higher than the other three. That's my diagnosis. Start by calibrating the sticks on your transmitter, if it has such a function. If that doesn't fix it, then adjust your channel center-points (use trim switches if you don't have a dedicated center-point setting) so that MW sees closer to 1500 (within a range of about 1495 to 1505), and I think this behavior will probably go away.


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Thanks for all the help, I was able to fix both problems!

I was able to fix the motor throttle discrepancies by adjusting my trims so that my roll and pitch were centered on 1500.

I was also able to fix the issue with not disarming by raising my MINCHECK to above the minimum yaw setting. I originally set my MINCHECK based on the minimum throttle. At the time I didn't realize that I had my throttle was trimmed all the way down. I had trimmed it all the way down trying to make my quad arm before I knew the correct way to do this was to change the MINCHECK and MAXCHECK values.

Cant believe that my trims were the root cause if all this but atlas it was an easy fix! Thanks again for the help! Now I'm ready for another flight as soon as I get some more props in the mail (I only had the 4 that came with my kit, I ordered 10 more so that I will have spares!)